Wakfu 0.204

An MMORPG that stands-out from the fantasy crowd


  • Fun turn based combat
  • Pretty cartoon graphics
  • Lots of humor


  • Broader storyline could be emphasized more

Very good

Wakfu is a fantasy MMORPG, the sequel to popular Dofus. Set 1000 years after that game, Wakfu begins with the world in ruins, in need of heroes to bring new hope. Guess who that will be?


Choose from one of 14 character classes, and enter a turn based tactical role playing game. Instead of moving in and out of new screens, Wakfu now scrolls as you move your player. It's still got the isometric view from Dofus, but the graphics are higher definition and really pretty. The turn based combat is fun, whether player versus player or in groups: this tactical element of the game is really well done.


The world of Wakfu has split into five factions, with different ideas about how to bring order to the world. The Aprophetics, for example, have a motto 'The universe will balance itself out, even in chaos. Best leave it alone.' That's a good example of the gentle humor throughout Wakfu, which makes it so much more attractive than many MMORPGS that take themselves too seriously!

Something different!

Wakfu's biggest development is it's ecosystem - monsters and plants evolve as you progress and get stronger. You can manage resources, allowing then to grow and flourish, or exploit them as much as you can. The game is full of interesting characters, with a good sense of humor. Despite being a fantasy game, Wakfu isn't just another World of Warcraft clone, it's much more original.

Wakfu is really attractive, easy to get into and lots of fun to play. A genuine improvement over Dofus, this is an excellent MMORPG option for anyone who'd like to try something a little different.



Wakfu 0.204

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